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Who Trapped Who

Given all of this, you start to understand why Trump seems so supremely confidant. Trump isn't trapped. The Democrats are. Tick Tock

Triangulating infrastructure

If Trump can maneuver himself into that position, then he will have what he currently lacks, leverage.

Mueller didn't tee up impeachment

Once again the right wing intelligentsia chose fear and gaslighting over deep analysis. Shocking, I know. They have claimed non-stop...

Trump Prioritizes Prosecutions

On Thursday the president announced a declassification order covering the 2016 campaigns and related matters. This has been expected...

Obstruction of Administration

Ultimately obstruction of administration is much more dangerous than obstruction of justice.

"We now know"

At the recent Senate hearing on the Mueller report AG Barr laid out the Constitutional powers of the President and made the case that he...

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